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Vendor Application

Farmers Market at Legends in Sparks, NV is excited to offer applications for the 2024 season. The market will take place every Saturday 9am-1pm from March 30, 2024 to November 23, 2024. It will be held at the Legends Mall near Chick fil a, Habit Burger, Jersey Mikes, and Blaze Pizza. It will take place West of 1415 Scheels Dr, Sparks, NV 89434.

Booth size is 10ft x 10ft. If you have a trailer, odd shape tent, or another setup, please attach a description of your setup along with dimensions.


The fee is $35 per booth, per week and must be paid by the end of the market each week.


Contact Mo at 775-427-4448 or Jamie at 775-427-9401 or email at with any questions.


Please fill out the entire application.

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Please mark all dates you will be attending
Please check all that apply

Farmer/Rancher Requirements:

Copy of Producer Certificate from Dept of Ag, Copy of liability insurance, Sampling Permit (if needed), Completed Application, Signed Rules and Regulations.

Prepared Food Requirements:
Copy of Sparks Business Lic, Copy of Nevada Tax Permit, Copy of liability insurance, Copy of Washoe Health Permit, Completed Application, Signed Rules and Regulations.

Copy of Sparks Business Lic, Copy of Nevada Tax Permit, Completed Application, Signed Rules and Regulations, and other documents requested by manager.

Insurance Requirements:
Commercial General liability insurance is required for all vendors. $1 Million/$2 Million coverage naming “RED SPARKS SPE, LLC, BIG SPARKS, LLC, BIG SPARKS REVERSE, LLC, and RED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC.”

Rules and Regulations

General rules applicable to all vendors, employees, or volunteers:

1. All vendors are required to adhere to all local, state and federal regulations that apply to the production and sale of their products at the market. Local Harvest Market LLC is not responsible for obtaining or maintaining the appropriate licenses or permits needed by vendors.

2. Local Harvest Market LLC is not responsible for advising vendors regarding any local, state or federal regulation or law.

3. All vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting their own sale taxes, where applicable according to all local, state and federal guidelines. Local Harvest Market LLC will not be responsible for the payment and/or reporting of any vendors’ taxes.

4. Pets, smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from vendors booths. No Exceptions.

5. Vendors are required to remove all trash and other articles from their booth area at the close of the market.

6. Vendors may begin setting up at 6am. Please arrange with the manager if more time is needed.

7. All vehicles will be removed from the market no later than 8:30am. If you show up late, you must park outside and pack in your product.

8. A minimum of 40 pound weight is required for each leg of your tent or canopy, or 120 pounds per 10ftx10ft booth space.

9. Prices of all products are to be posted at all times during the market. 10.Vendors are required to display a sign letting the public know the name of the booth, as well as display any papers required by health dept, dept of ag, City of Sparks, or State of Nevada.

11. The market ends at 1pm. Absolutely NO packing up before 1pm.

12. Market layout and vendor placement is at the sole discretion of the market manager.

13. Behavior of vendors that is verbally or physically abusive, dangerous or disruptive to market activities will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal of applicant from the market.

14. Violations of any of the rules and regulations listed herein may result in the removal of the vendor from the market and disqualification of future markets.

15. When unloading your display and product, place items in your booth space, move your vehicle, then set up.

16. When packing up, break everything down and stack it inside your booth space, go get your vehicle, then drive safely out of the market.

In consideration of acceptance of this application the undersigned:


1. hereby releases and forever discharges and hereby grants to indemnify and hold harmless the Local Harvest Market LLC and each and every one of its officers, members, agents and employees, Farmers Market at Legends, RED Development, and the City of Sparks, of and from any and all loss, claim of loss, liability of damage arising out of any personal injury or property damage occurring to the applicant (or any individual of which the Applicant is comprised) in the Local Harvest Market LLC Farmers’ Market event. The Applicant assumes all risks incurred.


2. agrees to be in compliance with all rules and regulations, and abide by all current laws, ordinances and statutes of the City of Sparks, the State of Nevada and Washoe County as they currently exist or as they may be amended in the future.


3. is aware that Department of Agriculture certificates are required for all produce.

The undersigned represents the person or persons of which the applicant is comprised.

Thanks for submitting!

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